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About digital at the Office for National Statistics

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is the UK Statistics Authority’s statistical production function and is part of the Government Statistical Service (GSS). The ONS is the UK’s internationally recognised National Statistical Institute and largest producer of official statistics, producing data, statistics, and analysis on a range of key economic, social and demographic topics.

Data from the ONS have never been in more demand or achieved such public prominence and scrutiny. Better data directly informs governments, Parliaments, and society. Faster, more relevant data support critical decisions day after day and our digital services which collect, process, analyse and publish our data, are essential to produce statistics for the public good.

The ONS are frequently in the news and more so since we’ve started releasing data from the 2021 Census and our DDaT people have tremendous stories to tell of our experiences behind the headlines.

The success of the Census 2021 – the first digital census - shows that large government digital services can be securely delivered in-house using cloud architecture and Agile development and we’re building on that success, improving and building new digital services to deliver high quality data to inform the UK, improve lives and build for the future, using this blog to think out loud and to let the world know what we’re doing.

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