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Exploring the power of generative AI - insights from our hackathon.

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Using generative AI safely and securely for civil servants. "You are open and collaborative".

Fahad Anwar, Head of the Software Engineering Practice at the ONS, provides an overview of the 3 day hackathon on the use of Generative AI (GitHub Copilot) and shares valuable insights into the significance of embracing AI in the pursuit of enhanced productivity and innovation in software development.

Delivering the Government cloud first policy – what it looks like in practice at the ONS

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Screen shot of the government cloud first policy

Peter McKenzie-Baughan, Head of Cloud Services and Support, shares what the Government cloud first policy looks like in practice for us - how our cloud services are a constantly evolving and maturing capability within ONS, the approaches we take to ‘keeping the lights on’ and how it's underpinned by collaborative and creative thinking.

How we're providing better data to power decision making - the technology behind making critical data assets available on IDS

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White background with the purple, green and orange lines of the integrated data service logo

Tom Scott, Deputy Director Data Platform Delivery, shares how we're using technology to build the Integrated Data Service which is helping to deliver mission three of the 2022 to 2025 government roadmap for digital and data.